Picking the Blog Back Up

Hello all! I’ve recently been thinking about my time at MHYR and I’ve decided that it’s time to pick up my blog again to tell the rest of my story. You all will be seeing more in coming weeks. Thanks!


Hilltop Camp (I think is what it was called)

With my mouth gaping wide open in awe at the ridiculous amounts of snow, I look up the hill to see a cranky, rather chubby older woman with grey hair about the length of her ears. She was accompanied by a pale girl with reddish brown hair. I struggled up the hill, and once I reached the top I was short for breath. I took my tarp off my backpack, along with some stupid blue foamy square, and a heavy ass sack of food. I walked to the fire circle and set up my little seating spot. I had to guess it was around 6/7 in the evening at that time, it was getting a bit dusky but still light. Jeremy and his girlfriend said their goodbyes and wished me luck. The pale red headed girl introduced herself to me, her name was Sydnay. She seemed a bit arrogant, but she was kind to me. She complimented the fact that I wasn’t acting like an idiot about being sent there and I was keeping my cool. She looked through my food sack and picked out my food cup, my spoon, and a packet of macaroni stuff. Mind you, at this time we were sitting around the fire circle. It was a camp fire surrounded by rocks about 3 feet away from the base of the fire. I looked up from where I was sitting and got a good glimpse at every person that was there. To my left was Sydnay, to my right was a staff in training (I forgot her name), then around the fire circle (starting next to Sydnay’s left) Cici (the older lady), Cameron; he was tall and lanky, with long black hair, he let his belt droop and wore his beanie like a cholo, Matt; who had just gotten out of the shower, he was 15 at the time. He was from Houston, Texas and arrived to the mountain a day or two prior to my arrival. He was huffy with bright eyes and a welcoming smile. He was pretty much my first friend there. Then, there was intellectual Will, he was tall and somewhat toned with some scruffy facial hair, blonde headed with blue eyes. Next was Will Thornton. Lord where do I start. To say the least, my impression of him was the look of shaggy from scooby-doo, that hasn’t showered in probably 5 weeks. His yellow beanie was no longer yellow, either.. it was green. There was Jeff Smith, I had an odd impression of him at first. When I walked up to the fire circle he was standing there with his hands in his pockets making a creepy stupid face at me. He had brown hair that was somewhat long, it stuck out of his beanie in all directions. Lastly, there was Daniel. He was intellectual and gave me a Harry Potter vibe. He graduated three days after I got there. There were some staff; Peter, Sarah (I think was her name, she was my first personal staff), and a couple of others that I can’t remember. Once I had everyone’s face down I looked around and noticed it was about dark. And this is where my first night began.


I had just arrived at the Utah airport at about 1:00 P.M. mountain time. I walked to the baggage claim, which was the designated meeting area for my transporters and myself. There, I met Jeremy and his wife, I never remembered her name. They greeted me warmly and led me to a dirty old white suburban, that I would be riding in for the next few hours. The March air in Utah was crisp and chilly, there was still snow on the ground. I hopped in the back right seat of the first passenger row, and off we went.
Jeremy shot a glance at his wife and asked me the reason as to why I was being sent to that program. I made up some BS story about my mother and me just being angry about it, I thought they believed it… We drove through winding roads, up tall hills, and down through snowy valleys. They offered me time and time again for food, they said that I would regret it if I didn’t eat. I was too upset, and I wanted to be a standoffish brat, so I politely rejected the offers every time.
Two and a half or so hours passed, and we arrived at a small office in Vernal, Utah. It was the “MHYR” office. How special. I went inside, and there was a doctor… apparently I needed a medical exam. They needed a urine test, a BLOOD TEST, and a physical. That was exactly what I wanted. I went through all but the blood test with ease, then it happened. I had to bury my head in my jacket, and force myself to keep from vomiting. I felt woozy after the three vials of my blood were taken.
When the tests were completed, I proceeded to put my jacket on, and that’s when they stopped me. Jeremy said, I quote, “Oh, you won’t be needing this”. And then came his wife, with a trunk, and a bag of clothes. I had to take ALL of my clothes off, I had to wear hanes underwear, a training bra, a yellow glidan tee shirt, a yellow beanie, thermals, a military belt, desert camo pants, wool socks, and snow boots. As well as green wool gloves. I felt like a dork.
And, I had to hop in the next vehicle, a blue Chevrolet truck… that had mud ALL OVER IT. We drove and drove for about 3-4 hours, and we arrived at the base of a snowy hill.
This is where my journey began.


Hi, my name is Destiny. I am in between the ages of 12 and 15. My mother left when I was seven, taking her severe mental sicknesses with her. I was sent to a troubled youth program on March 9, 2013. This is my story.
I had severe problems with my stepmother in the leading years to being sent away. I always lied about her to my father, I turned them against eachother, and I hated her with a passion. It was as if she was a threat to me in the house.. I never wanted to be around that woman. I avoided her and her daughter (my stepsister) as much as I could, and I did everything in my power to get “her” out of “my house”, and I succeeded on February 18, 2013.
My stepmother and father had a big fight that night, starting at around 9:30 P.M. and ending around 10:50 P.M, with a police escort and only two people in my house, my father and myself.
I lived without “her” just fine, it was my dad that took the brunt of it. He was sad, being 55… he probably wouldn’t be able to find another woman. My birthday came along on the 25th, I spent it with my best friend, her family, my dad, my sister, and a few other family friends. I got an iPhone 5, I was a happy camper, a selfish happy camper at that. I thought I had the world in my hands, until the 5th of March, on a Monday.
My horse trainers picked me up from school that Monday, it seemed like a typical day without “her” for me. But, unusually, both of my trainers picked me up… it was almost always just one or the other. They seemed tense as I hopped into their maroon Land Rover, Range Rover. I hadn’t ridden in a month or so since I was grounded for getting in trouble at school. I was relieved to go to the barn and ride again, and I expressed that to my trainers. They looked at eachother and looked at me… they said I wasn’t riding, that we were going to get one of my competition outfits altered and fitted, and we were going to go straight to my house to talk to my father about the apologies I had to give to the kids I got in trouble with at school.
We arrived at my house no later than 4:45 P.M. My father was sitting in the garage at the round table, along with a close family friend, Bob. My trainers walked in with me, and we sat down. My father was acting strange, he was tense. The first words that came out of his mouth were, “Did you lie about Heidi?” (my stepmother was Heidi). I replied with no, and that I only exaggerated. He stated that it was the same as lying and told everybody at the table that they had been lied to, I was pissed at that point. He turned and looked at me with a guilty kind of joy, but yet dark sadness. He said that I was going to go to a troubled youth program in Utah, for 4 1/2 to 5 months, that Friday I would fly up there. The looks on my trainers faces were ones that I would never forget. Tears welled up in their eyes, and a scream welled up in my throat. My dad walked inside, and I began to sob and hyperventilate, I was rapidly scratching my legs with my fake nails. I looked at everyone who remained at the table, asking them all to help. Bob sat there silent, as always. My trainers cried and gave me hugs, assuring me that time would fly, crying with me and telling me how good my horse would be when I get back.
The catch was, my stepmother had nothing to do with it.

I was checked out of school on Wednesday, the 7th of March. I flew out of George Bush International Airport at 8:00 A.M. Central Time on the 9th, on my way to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I would meet my transporters to the program, Mountain Homes Youth Ranch.

This is only the beginning of my story. Welcome.